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Signage Request Refused

Voctada, on May 3rd, 2017, made a request of the Village of Chester Commission, at their regular monthly meeting, for help financing the replacement of the large blue signs at the East and West entrances to Chester on Highway #3. These were the primary entry signs for the Village of Chester. Both signs have been destroyed by plows, time, poor design and the elements.

Despite the generally recognized importance of signage to businesses, tourism and development in Chester the request was refused, point blank. The reason for the refusal was stated as “the budget of the Village of Chester Commission covers only the expenses of things covered by the Commission’s Mandate;” which is:

The mandate of the commission is to represent the electors of the Village of Chester as regards the Chester Volunteer Fire Department . We also own and operate the Chester Lido Pool and Public Washrooms, as well as own and maintain the Jib Lot. We cover the operational cost for the street lights throughout the village, and the hanging flowers and wreaths.

Chester entry signs are not flowerpots, streetlights, special garbage collection or the Chester Lido. Those are all reasonable responsibilities but hardly in tune with to-day’s changed and expanded needs and circumstances of the Village of Chester.

My question is: if their mandate “is to represent the electors of the Village of Chester” why is it limited to the very circumscribed projects above? If that is the sum of their responsibilities it is well past time to make major changes in their mandate. We were told they never budget for anything outside the above projects. That means they never consider budgeting for any extraneous projects of merit that might be brought to their attention by the electors of the Village of Chester. It’s time for the Commission to change and upgrade their mandate and to act in ways that will improve and enhance the well being and productivity of Chester to-day.

Commissioners should be elected to think about the present and future needs of Chester as well as enhancements that could improve the lifestyle and development of the village as a whole. They need to budget a reasonable amount of money for such projected expenses. Then they must prioritize the unforeseen needs and requests, debate and decide on which projects they feel are in the best interest of Chester and fund them accordingly. When are our Commissioners going to start thinking outside their very small mandated box and start to be thoughtful and perhaps even proactive regarding enhancing life, business and development in


It’s time to think of positive change during the upcoming Commission elections.

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