Shipping Container Survey

Municipal Council recently passed amendments to the Chester Village and Area planning documents that allow shipping containers to be used as accessory structures for commercial businesses zoned Highway Commercial outside of the Village boundary and north of Highway 3, inside the Village boundary. Municipal Council are seeking input from residents on their opinion of allowing shipping containers to be used as accessory structures south of Highway 3 on commercial properties zoned Highway Commercial. Would you support changes that would allow commercial businesses in the Highway Commercial Zone of the south side of Highway 3 that are located within the Village boundary to have a shipping contai

Signage Request Refused

Voctada, on May 3rd, 2017, made a request of the Village of Chester Commission, at their regular monthly meeting, for help financing the replacement of the large blue signs at the East and West entrances to Chester on Highway #3. These were the primary entry signs for the Village of Chester. Both signs have been destroyed by plows, time, poor design and the elements. Despite the generally recognized importance of signage to businesses, tourism and development in Chester the request was refused, point blank. The reason for the refusal was stated as “the budget of the Village of Chester Commission covers only the expenses of things covered by the Commission’s Mandate;” which is: The mandate o

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