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Council & Village Meet about Water

Municipal Council and Village Commission Agree to Collaborate on Water Study ?

Yesterday morning’s meeting between the Village Commission and Municipal Council was well attended. Village Chair, Ray Cambria spoke of the need for central water in the village, not only as a result of our current drought but also because of the need to plan for future climate change possibilities. Central water plays a vital role in ensuring economic development. And economic development, within the Village, benefits the Municipality.

Warden Webber reiterated his concern regarding the number of people with water problems and/or the number of people willing to pay for a central system. He felt a Needs Assessment Study would indicate where the problem areas were, give everyone a firm handle on the extent of the need and determine the best way to address the need. He said the study should cost somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000 and would be something the present Council could authorize now without over-burdening the incoming Council.

The terms of reference for the study should be set right now and the Needs Assessment should be started immediately. He closed by saying he welcomed the opportunity to work with the Village Commission on the water issue.

Two members of the gallery requested permission to speak. One spoke, not on the cost of water, but on the cost of not having water. The other pointed out the cost, in all likelihood, would be shared by three levels of government, thus reducing the cost to the individual property owner substantially and amortizing it over 20 or 25 years would accommodate one’s budget. The question mark after the heading? No one heard a motion in support of moving forward with a Needs Assessment.

Voctada is following the issue of central water closely and will keep you informed of events as they develop. We will continue to press the issue, vigorously. Thank you for your support today.


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