Chester Village Signage

VOCTADA had asked me to do a review / study of the signage in the Village of Chester. Historically VOCTADA has been responsible for installing most of what I call the Public signage between Steven’s Road in the East and the Windsor Road on the West of the Village of Chester. The first question I was asked when I started to study the problem was : “WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR SIGNAGE TO ACCOMPLISH ? ” I had never really thought about signage with that question in mind. I had been told “check out the signs, find if VOCTADA is responsible for any of them, do they need repairs and what will it cost ? The answer to that directive does not answer the above question. The answer is : “TO GET PEOPLE OFF H

Chester Visitor Information Centre at Risk of Closing

An economic driver in the Municipality of Chester, the Visitor Information Centre is at risk of closing. Voctada urges Council to commit to funding and operating the VIC for 2017. And, that unless a proven viable alternative is found, Council will continue to fund and operate the Chester VIC. For more details, go to Breaking News. A note to MODC Council: Dear Councillors, The tourism sector makes an important contribution to Canada's economy in every region of the country. In 2014, tourism accounts for approximately 2 percent ($34.4 billion) of Canada's gross domestic product, and generates $88.5 billion in revenues. Tourism activities drive key service industries, including accommodations,

Council & Village Meet about Water

Municipal Council and Village Commission Agree to Collaborate on Water Study ? Yesterday morning’s meeting between the Village Commission and Municipal Council was well attended. Village Chair, Ray Cambria spoke of the need for central water in the village, not only as a result of our current drought but also because of the need to plan for future climate change possibilities. Central water plays a vital role in ensuring economic development. And economic development, within the Village, benefits the Municipality. Warden Webber reiterated his concern regarding the number of people with water problems and/or the number of people willing to pay for a central system. He felt a Needs Assessment

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