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Chester Visitor Information Centre at Risk of Closing

An economic driver in the Municipality of Chester, the Visitor Information Centre is at risk of closing. Voctada urges Council to commit to funding and operating the VIC for 2017. And, that unless a proven viable alternative is found, Council will continue to fund and operate the Chester VIC. For more details, go to Breaking News.

Chester Farmers' Market at the Chester Visitor Information Centre

A note to MODC Council:

Dear Councillors,

The tourism sector makes an important contribution to Canada's economy in every region of the country. In 2014, tourism accounts for approximately 2 percent ($34.4 billion) of Canada's gross domestic product, and generates $88.5 billion in revenues. Tourism activities drive key service industries, including accommodations, food and beverage, passenger transportation, recreation, entertainment and travel services. Tourism generated over 620,000 direct jobs in 2014 that are found in urban, rural and remote locations. []

With no Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Officer or Municipal staff available to look after the only Visitor Information Centre in our Municipality, we are effectively throwing ourselves under the (tour) bus and waving good-bye to a sector vital to our local economy.

As a Council, you now have the opportunity to take the lemons we've been given, use your power (juicer) and make some lemonade.

“The demand for in-person information will not go away, and considering new models and methods is the only way to secure a future where VICs are sustainable.” [SSREN Report on Visitor Information Centres]

Under your leadership and guidance, we can take our small Visitor Information Centre and turn it into an economic cornerstone for our Municipality. With the investment of some time, effort and money our VIC will become a magnet to attract businesses, small and large, along with visitors and residents to support those businesses.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent and important issue.


Nancy Hatch


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