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Past Projects:

The following projects are at the heart of Voctada's mission: "Working Together to Make Chester a Better Place". We welcome any and all feedback and participation on these issues. If there is an issue or concern that you believe should be a project, please get in touch with us here.

Chester Visitor Information Centre

Jan 20, 2017

An economic driver in the Municipality of Chester, the Visitor Information Centre is at risk of closing. Voctada urges Council to commit to funding and operating the VIC for 2017. And, that unless a proven viable alternative is found, Council will continue to fund and operate the Chester VIC.

Chester Farmers' Market at the Visitor Information Centre

For more information, click on the Details button. If you would like to add your support or comments, click on the Comments button. We would welcome your input - it's your community! Thank you.

May 27, 2016

Last September, the residents of the Municipality of Chester were asked by Council to assist in the development of a new municipal brand by providing input as to who we are and what we represent. A workshop was held and a survey was available online and in print. Approximately 80 citizens took advantage of the opportunity to contribute to the process; "... a higher-than-usual public participation ..." March/April 2016 Municipal Insight. This is not a level of engagement of which we should be proud.


Today, the residents of the Municipality have been given another opportunity to contribute. Council has selected two graphics and we may choose one to represent us. If you believe one or the other truly represents our fair municipality, vote for it. If you think we can do better, do not vote for either. Instead, write your Councillor or leave your comments here and we will forward them. Please see the link below to your Councillor’s email address. If leaving your comment here, please be sure to include your name and address, as well as contact info (phone number and/or email address).


Please Note: The Municipality has stated "This won't replace the existing crest, but be used to promote and represent our municipality to the global community."


The question now is: What will be on Municipal vehicles, Municipal letterhead, newspaper ads and notices, the Municipal flag, et cetera - the new logo or the old crest?

If you have voted inadvertently or have changed your mind, you can always request to have your vote removed by writing your Councillor with a Cc to


Thank you

Andre Veinotte

District 1

District 1 represents the Blandford - East Chester area and includes Aspotogan, Bayswater, Northwest Cove, Blandford, Deep Cove, East River, East River Point, Otter Point, and part of East Chester.

Floyd Shatford

District 2

District 2 represents the Hubbards to Mill Cove area and includes Mill Cove, Fox Point, Simms Settlement, Mill Lake, The Lodge, and Birchy Head.

Brad Armstrong

District 3

District 3 represents the Chester area and includes Chester and part of East Chester

Allen Webber - Warden

District 4

District 4 represents the Chester Basin - Chester Grant area and includes Chester Basin, Chester Grant, Borgels Point, and part of Middle River.

Tina Connors

District 6

District 6 represents the New Ross area and includes Seffernsville, New Ross, Leville, New Russell, Aldersville, Harriston, Lake Ramsay, Forties, Franey Corner, and Fraxville.

Sharon Church-Cornelius

District 7

District 7 represents the Windsor Road - Marriott's Cove area and includes Windsor Road, Canaan, Sherwood, Robinsons Corner, Marriotts Cove, Middle River Road, and part of Haddon Hill.

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Please Note: The councillor seat for District 5 is vacant. Direct your email to Warden Allen Webber

Anchor 2

This is VOCTADA’s latest project and we hope to convince Municipal Council of the need to push the restart button. This logo may be perfectly acceptable for any other ordinary community, but it is not exceptional - We Are.


“What’s this?” you ask. Well, it could possibly be the Municipality's new brand logo and Nova Scotia’s newest treasure. 


This graphic received the highest approval rating of the 12 in our survey … 47 out of 176. “Wow!” you say. Wow, indeed. You can check out the survey results and comments here.


On Thursday, May 12th, these results and VOCTADA's recommendations to Council were presented. Click on the play button below to view the presentation.


"Love your new website!"

Julia Creighton

"Love your new website! Thanks to all whom volunteer tirelessly and forever. That's what makes a CHESTER work"

Gary Sharon Payne

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